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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance, also known as commercial vehicle insurance, is a type of insurance that is specifically designed for businesses that operate vehicles, such as delivery trucks, vans, and other types of heavy vehicles. This type of insurance provides coverage for damages or losses incurred as a result of accidents or other mishaps involving the commercial vehicle.

Commercial auto insurance typically includes liability coverage, which helps protect the business from financial loss if they are found liable for an accident. This coverage includes bodily injury and property damage liability.

Why is commercial auto insurance important?

If your company owns a car, you will very likely need commercial auto insurance. Nearly every state requires commercial auto insurance coverage for business-owned vehicles, and in states that do not require it, drivers are still responsible any damages they cause.

You can rely on commercial auto insurance for financial protection if you or an employee needs medical care or faces legal expenses due to an automobile accident. If you don’t carry commercial auto insurance, your business will be responsible for any medical bills and legal fees, which can get expensive.

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The main difference between commercial and business auto insurance is how the company vehicles are used. Business auto insurance covers vehicles moving through regular traffic, while commercial auto insurance covers specialized vehicles designed for a specific job. For example, a driver of a large truck delivering warehouse products to different cities needs commercial auto insurance, but someone who brings documents across town may need business auto insurance.

Simply put, vehicles used for work-related reasons are commercial. A private vehicle, on the other hand, is one you use for personal use, including commuting.

It depends on your business. Some employers allow their workers to drive business vehicles for personal use. However, this allowance can expose your business to a significant amount of legal risk. If your business wishes to continue this practice, be sure you and the company take the necessary steps to ensure you’re protected.
Your commercial auto policy can cover employees, family members and others as drivers. Be sure to add anyone who drives the commercial vehicle for more than emergencies as a driver to your policy.
If your business uses company vehicles, or you drive for any work-related reasons, you first need commercial auto insurance in order to claim mileage.
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